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Custom Tooling: Punches & Dies

Posted by Scotchman Industries on Apr 26, 2018 12:00:00 PM



When a fabricator purchases an ironworker they are purchasing the swiss army knife of the metal fabricating world. Our Hydraulic Ironworkers have multiple standard options for each built-in work station, not to mention the multitude of options for customized tooling within each station.

The punch station is no exception, the possibilities are endless when working with our team of qualified engineers. Over the years, Scotchman's team of engineers have designed and manufactured thousands of special sizes and shapes of punches and dies for unique applications.


The Benefits of Custom Tooling

Not quite sure that you need a custom tool? What if that custom tool would save you time and money in the long run?

"While it's true that custom tooling can be more expensive and may require a bit more lead-time than standard tooling, there are also significant benefits to investing in custom tooling over standard tool sets. Custom tooling makes it possible to solve challenging applications while reducting material handling, minimizing setup time, and improving the quality of parts."  Steve Brown and Shawn Helwig, Fabricating and Metalworking Magazine.

Custom tooling, or in the case custom punches and dies, makes it possible to create a tool that fits a fabricators exact needs for his particular application. When multiple tooling changes can be combined into one it minizmizes time and improves the quality of your parts, by making the process more consistent and efficient.


Going Custom is the Power of Choice

Chris Robinson, Pacific Press Technolgies, hit the nail on the head with the analogy quoted below. When reading the quote below think of how the process of creating a custom tooling would fit in!

"Buying a configurable (custom) press brake is like going to a restaurant. You choose the base press brake model as you would the type of restaurant, be it Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, or anything else. Once there, you configure your press brake as you want it, like choosing your meal from a menu. Buying a custom press brake is like having a personal chef who can make anything you want. The chef may not always pull from his recipe box either, but instead learn about your taste, then develop recipes to suit."

Read his full article Time to Go Custom? in the Fabricator!

Going custom is being able to choose exaclty what you want the outcome to be.


The Process

Do you have a project which requires something other than the standard punch and die sets we have in-stock? No worries!


Rome wasn't built in a day and your custom project may not be either! Although we try to be as timely as possible, additional information may be requested and drafts sometimes need tweaked. Our goal is to ensure that when you receive your custom tool it will work as expected and will not have to be reworked.


We build

We build
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