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Offset Dies vs. Standard Dies

Posted by Scotchman Industries on Apr 19, 2018 1:58:12 PM


Standard and Offset Die comparison

The struggle is real when trying to use a standard punch and die set to punch a hole close to the web on a piece of angle iron, as it restricts just how close you can get to the edge. Punching close to the web shouldn't be a struggle. It's not when you use an offset die. By using an offset die you are able to get within 1/4" of the web.


Standard vs. Offset

Standard DieStandard Die Offset Die Side CloseOffset Die


A standard die(left) is arranged for the punch to clear in the center of the die and is mostly used to punch holes in the middle of material. An offset die(right) is arranged for the punch to clear close to the edge of the die which makes it easier to punch close to the *web of the angle.  *Web- where the two edges meet or the vertex of the two legs.

Offset dies are just another way to make your punch station more versatile. Depending on the way your products are engineered, you may need to punch holes closer to the web than a standard die will allow. We may not refer to offset dies as “standard,” but lucky for you we always keep them in stock for Scotchman ironworker owners.

A common misconception is there are offset punches and dies. This is not the case, it is ONLY the die that is offset from center. The punch always stays in the same place. So, your favorite 9/16" punch is easily converted, to punch close to the web, with a purchase of an offset die of the same size.




How to Align a Punch & Die

Wondering how to properly align a punch and die? Read our blog on How to Align an Ironworker Punch and Die to learn the technique behind proper installation of a standard die set and an offset die set.



Custom Tooling

If you have an application that requires a custom tool for punching, forming, notching, or bending let Scotchman's team of engineers help you construct one based on your vision.



Consider Getting Your Own Scotchman Ironworker »

When you go with Scotchman, you have our entire team at your disposal, and we keep a full inventory of punch and die sets, offset dies, and tooling in-stock for whatever needs arise.


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