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Scotchman Ironworker a Staple of Shop Classes

Posted by Scotchman Industries on Dec 22, 2015 9:18:31 AM


Known for dependability and cutting-edge technology, Scotchman ironworkers are used throughout the country in high schools, technical schools, and colleges.

Schools are Looking for High-Quality Machinery

Schools have limited budgets. They cannot afford to invest in equipment that fails, and they need the type of modern equipment that will prepare students for real world jobs.

That's where Scotchman comes in.

With over half a century of experience, Scotchman is the oldest and largest manufacturer of hydraulic ironworkers in the USA, featuring high-quality products, superior customer service, dependable warranty, and low leasing rates. A pioneer in the metal fabrication industry, Scotchman stays on top of heavy metal fabrication trends to ensure customers are getting the latest and greatest equipment.

Southeast Technical Institute is a perfect example of why a Scotchman ironworker is a perfect fit for a school industrial shops.

Southeast Tech: If It's Not Broken, Why Fix It?

Scotchman ironworkers have been a constant during Terry Schneider's tenure as the welding instructor at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls. Schneider's basic and advanced welding courses provide students with a solid foundation for a variety of careers in the metal fabrication industry.

scotchmn-ironworkers-stiThe shop had a Scotchman ironworker when Schneider began working at STI 17 years ago. Because he never had any problems with it, he bought another. And then another.

If it's not broken, why fix it? That was Schneider's philosophy last December when he traded up for a larger model -- the Dual Operator 150-240-24m. The biggest dual operator ironworker in Scotchman's lineup, the DO 150 is capable of up to 150 tons of hydraulic force.

"I had the 110-ton model previous to this," he said. "The reason I bought this one is because it’s a little bigger and I never had any problems with any of the Scotchman ironworkers, at all."

Keep Moving Up

The shop had a 40-ton ironworker when Schneider started. Two years later, he upgraded to the 110, before moving up to the 150 last year. Higher tonnage means more power. Schneider has upgraded machines so his students can cut thicker material. But he has never considered another brand.

"I’ve had such good luck with Scotchman that I don’t have any desire to switch," he said.

Southeast Tech's DO-150

The DO-150 at Southeast Technical Institute helps prepare students for the real world. Before hydraulic ironworkers came around, the metal fabrication industry used torches or plasma cutters to shape and shear metal. Ironworkers have replaced those tools and are commonly used by manufacturing companies.

"In our area down here, we have quite a few manufacturing companies where that knowledge is valuable," Schneider said. "They use that ironworker every day. This gets our students prepared for that in this industry. Most (major manufacturers) have ironworkers."


Durability is Schneider's favorite Scotchman quality. There are other subtleties of the machine he enjoys, such as the location of the shear (it's on the lower area of the ironworker and thus easily accessible), and the pipe notcher die set, which allows students to cut saddle joint connections quickly without resorting to a torch.

"The setup is excellent; it is easy and fast," he said. 

From Blueprint to Production

Schneider's students work from blueprints and are responsible for fabricating various components and piecing them together. They use every function on the machine, whether they're shearing, notching, punching or bending.

"We use it all. We punch a lot of holes and then we bend some parts and components too," he said. "It’s relatively easy to teach the students how to be safe and how to use it."

"It’s been a good piece of equipment. Very low maintenance."

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