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Jeanie "The Printmaster" Retires

Posted by Scotchman Industries on Oct 1, 2019 4:28:30 PM

Jeanie Waara started her Scotchman career on November 6, 1995.  She was hired to fulfill Scotchman’s printing needs. At that time, we printed everything in-house except our product catalogs. Jeanie was in charge of printing (and assembling) every operator manual, price list, warranty card, safety data sheet, plus numerous other documents. She was printing between 1.5 to 2 million sheets of paper annually, with some years being well over two million pieces!  It was definitely a full-time job and one she did very well for 23 years.

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John Hart's 45 Years at Scotchman

Posted by Scotchman Industries on Jul 9, 2019 6:00:52 PM

No one succeeds in business (or in life, for that matter) without the support from others. All too often they go unrecognized, but their influence remains nonetheless vital. Loyal and dedicated employees are the foundation to any successful company.

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The Legendary John Heltzel Retires after 40 Years!

Posted by Scotchman Industries on Mar 30, 2019 11:41:16 AM

Well, it’s official – John Heltzel retired and left us after 40 years of employment at Scotchman. It is different around here now without John sitting at his desk... a little bit lonely even. Thursday afternoon we shut off the phones and celebrated John, his 40 years of service here, and his retirement, but yesterday it was real because his chair sat vacant. John has been a friendly face and an extremely knowledgable & important asset to our customer service department for over 35 years -- He will definitely be missed around here!


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Alvin’s 45 Years of Contribution to Scotchman Industries

Posted by Scotchman Industries on Dec 8, 2017 7:29:09 AM

45 years with one company is nothing to shake a stick at! It takes perseverance, dedication, and a come what may attitude.

Alvin joined Scotchman Industries on Nov 13, 1972. Over the years he has worked in almost all aspects of the company: welding, assembly, paint, final assembly, and parts room.

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50 Years of Scotchman

Posted by Scotchman Industries on May 31, 2017 10:01:22 AM

Firmly rooted in tradition with an eye on the future, Scotchman Industries, Inc. is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

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